How to Use


Want a little help? Shop by cocktail for the easiest route to creating a classic. 

If you select "Margarita," for example, we'll add a 4 oz bottle of Agave and Lime juice to your cart; just supply your favorite spirit to complete the drink. Click on the product listing for spirit and recipe suggestions!

get creative

Already know what you want? Shop our syrups & juices by flavor.

Our syrups and juices are shelf-stable versions of the ingredients found behind craft cocktail bars. This means you can use them to replicate the most legit cocktail recipes online, make variations on classics, or create signature recipes from scratch.


Want to serve great drinks without the work? Batching cocktails with Cheeky is super easy!

Shop any of our cocktails, supply 8-11 oz of your favorite spirit, and mix in a 32 oz pitcher. Add ice and serve. **Pro tip: leave an ounce of your Cheeky products in the bottle when batching and use it to adjust the acidity and sweetness to your preferences:)