Virtual Cocktail Classes 101

How to put together a Cheeky Cocktail Class for an office happy hour or socially-distanced hang out

Virtual Class

What is a Virtual Cocktail Class?

In planning virtual social experiences, many people land on a Zoom Cocktail Class. Companies and individuals alike are hiring bartenders to teach their skills and techniques via webcam. If you’ve ever been out with friends or at a company happy hour and caught yourself studying the bartender’s technique, these classes are perfect for you! In addition to being a great time, these classes help support the hospitality workers who have facilitated your pre-quarantine fun. We suggest putting together an office happy hour Cheeky Cocktail Class or organizing one for yourself and your friends! Fill out this form to get started!

Where Do I Start?

Cheeky Cocktails Start

The first step is usually selecting your cocktails. Most people have a favorite or go-to drink. Virtual  classes give guests a great opportunity to learn how their favorite drinks are made and/or  find new favorites. 

We suggest making one shaken cocktail and one stirred during your class. Typically shaken cocktails (Daiquiris, Margaritas, Cosmos) are juicier, while stirred cocktails (Old Fashioneds, Manhattans, Martinis) are boozier. For more on that, check out our blog on Shaken vs. Stirred.

Cocktail templates that work well with almost every spirit

Cheeky Cocktails Sour

Sour Cocktail

  • Comprised of a Citrus juice, a Syrup, and a Spirit

  • Shaken (not stirred 😉)

  • Almost every combination of this kind is a named drink already! Here are some examples:

    • Daiquiri

    • Gimlet

    • Bee’s Knees

    • even a Canchanánchara!

  • Cheeky Citrus and Syrups come in ready-to-mix 2-bottle kits 

Old Fashioned Cocktail

Cheeky Cocktails Old Fashion

  • Comprised of Bitters, a Syrup, and a Spirit

  • Stirred this time, not shaken

  • In fact, the original word “Cocktail” referred to this template and it was made with any spirit the guest liked:

    • Gin Cocktail

    • Brandy Cocktail

    • Rum Cocktail)

  • Cheeky Syrups are a great way to impart classic and/or unique flavors into this drink style

So, for your virtual class you can center a single spirit, making, say, a Tequila Sour (shaken) and Tequila Old Fashioned Cocktail (stirred). Each guest can get the same bottle and you can have the bartender wow you with stories of its origin and a live Q&A on the ins and outs of drink making. Or you can let your guests pick their own favorite spirit and the bartender can focus on teaching techniques for making a variety of drinks. Both of these options give guests something they already love and let them try something they probably haven’t before- a win-win!

Ok, I know what kind of drinks we can make. Now what?

Cheeky Cocktails Make

Finally, just make sure your guests have everything they need to make ‘em! With Cheeky 2-bottle kits, you’ll have enough citrus juice and syrup to make 5-6 drinks, (which should last you the class and beyond 😉), just add your liquor of choice.

Beyond that, lots and lots of ice (maybe even in fun shapes?) is a necessity in making cocktails! Some citrus fruit for garnishing is always good to have on hand:, limes or lemons for the Sour, and an orange to peel for the Old Fashioned Cocktail.

*Cheeky tip: For great work arounds for bar tools, check out our bar tools ball jar batchology blog

In a time where socializing while separated is key, these classes are great for virtual team building or just having fun with friends wherever they are in the world. Laugh together trying your hand at a new skill; see who makes the best drinks and learn something fun and useful! Fill out our contact form and get your class booked today!

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