3 Easy Party Punch Recipes

Three of our favorite easy party punch recipes to enjoy at home!

Serving up a large batch of Punch has long been one of the easiest ways to get a cocktail into the hands of everyone at the party. We’ve come up with 3 easy and impressive Punch recipes for your next shindig, no matter the size.

What is Punch?

Simply put, Punch is a large batch combination of spirits, fruits, and spices, often topped off with sparkling water, cold tea, or sparkling wine, and served in a bowl for casual merrymaking in a group. 

Side Note: You’ll notice we capitalize Punch, a la David Wondrich, to distinguish it as a specific style of boozy drink with its own historical significance. If you’d like a book-sized deep dive into this history check out Wondrich’s book, Punch.

While there is such a thing as hot Punch, today we’re focusing on 3 cold and Cheeky Punch recipes. And since its been a hell of a summer, we eagerly leaned into some classic fall flavors here with tart cranberry syrup, spicy ginger, and hearty garnishes like cinnamon, rosemary sprigs, and crisp apple. 


1. Jamaican Rum Punch with Ginger & Lemon

Recipe (serves 5-6):
8oz *Jamaican Rum (or really, your Rum of choice)
4oz Cheeky Lemon Juice
4oz Cheeky Ginger Syrup
Suggested garnish: crisp apple slices and fresh rosemary 

Add a bottle each of Cheeky Ginger Syrup and Cheeky Lemon Juice to your punch bowl and then pour in 8 ounces of Rum. Once your ingredients are incorporated in the punch bowl add plenty of ice and service in an assortment of mugs, cups, and glassware. Garnish generously with apple slices and rosemary.

*As with all Cheeky Recipes, these measurements are adaptable. Halve or double for different sized groups. Prefer dryer mixes? Simply add less Ginger Syrup.

We loved the pungent and aromatic quality of Plantation Xamaca Rum for this recipe, and recommend an aged rum in general to give your Punch some rich complexity. We held off on topping this Punch with additional fillers, but it would be delicious finished with cold black tea, seltzer, or dry sparkling cider to taste. The fruit will absorb and enhance the drink and the rosemary adds warm charming notes to the experience as you and your beguiled friends give cheers. 

2. Gin & Honey Punch with Lemon, Anise & Pear

Gin & Honey Punch for a party

Recipe (serves 5-6):
8oz London Dry Gin
4oz Cheeky Lemon Juice
4oz Cheeky Honey Syrup
Suggested Garnish: Star Anise and Pear

Add 1 bottle each of Cheeky Lemon Juice and Cheeky Honey Syrup to 8oz of any dry Gin. Toss in some star anise and 1/4 inch sized pieces of chopped pear. If you’ve got the time, allow all of this to steep, like a sangria, anywhere from a few hours to a whole day. When ready to serve top with a few glugs of seltzer water to bring the flavors to life & as always add plenty of ice!

Built with the same easy specs as the previous recipe, this refreshing and bright Punch has surprisingly complex layers, & the London Dry style gin will highlight a more forward juniper/piney profile befitting this drink. Encourage your party peeps to enjoy the bits of boozy pear but make sure to advise them to steer clear of eating the anise!

3. Bourbon & Cranberry Punch 
with Lemon & Cinnamon

Recipe (serves 5-6):
8oz Bourbon
4oz Cheeky Lemon Juice
4oz Cheeky Cranberry Syrup
Suggested Garnish: Cinnamon Sticks & Lemon Wheels

Add a full bottle each of Cheeky Cranberry Syrup and Cheeky Lemon Juice to 8oz of Bourbon. Like with the Gin Punch above, steeping the cinnamon sticks in the Bourbon can add a nice touch of spice here but it’s not entirely necessary. After blending the ingredients fill with ice and top with cold tea or a touch of sparkling water.

Bourbon and Cranberry punch for a party

Cheeky Tip: if you’re serving a big crowd in a large Punch bowl try making an extra big block of ice by freezing a tupperware bowl of water a day ahead, this will melt & dilute your Punch more slowly while keeping it plenty chilled. 


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