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Naughty Nice

Some Cheeky Team gift recommendations for the holidays!

The Cheeky team appreciates how special you can make your loved ones feel with a well thought out gift. This year deserves some extra special presents and self care. Indulgence can be Naughty like wearing your silk pajama bottoms to your morning zoom meetings or Nice like a cocktail, candle and bubble bath. Either way, you and everyone on your list deserve it!

While this holiday season is different, what will never change is the sentiment behind a perfectly selected, whole-hearted gift. The Cheeky team loves supporting other small businesses so we decided to make a team-wide Holiday Small Business Gift Guide. Members from our team gave their favorite Naughty or Nice ways to treat yourself or a loved one this gift-giving season. Learn a bit about the people behind your Cheeky cocktail and support a small business!

The Nice List

Cheeky Cocktails Cheeky Cocktails

First up is Keith, with his first recommendation: Hauswitch Home + Healing. They’re a brick and mortar store in Salem, MA that has a strong social media presence and an online store that ships worldwide. HausWitch Home + Healing is a modern metaphysical lifestyle brand and shop. They provide Salem locals and visitors with a selection of witchy and handmade products from independent makers from around New England and the United States.  They made our Nice list for their magic and healing prowess.

Designer Eric Lee’s (NYC) online shop, Alone Time Company is next on Keith’s list for his pithy creations. They’ve got it all, from snarky sweatshirts, (“I wear my own Leave Me Alone pullover every other day and it’s comfy, to boot,” says Keith) to patches pins and stickers.  Comfy sweaters on the Nice list, for sure!

Andrea spearheads Cheeky’s order facilitation. She gets your kits packed and your Cheeky bottles onto your doorstep! Andrea recommends checking out Cellary, a boutique wine shop in Brooklyn with a "curated selection of small production cleanly made wines with distinct origin stories.”

Cellary says, “We encourage customers to feel empowered in their wine discovery- there isn’t a right or a wrong, there isn’t anyone who magically knows everything about wine, it’s all about slowing down, taking it one wine at a time, paying attention to what you’re experiencing, and enjoying the ride.”

According to Andrea, Cellary is, “on the Nice list, of course!” But we have our doubts 😈

Cheeky Cocktails
Cheeky Cocktails

Cheeky Giuliana, or G, is difficult to categorize by career or passion. She’s involved in social justice, arts activism and hospitality. Her small business recommendations include some incredible artists:

Sand One is an artist that grew up in East LA and always wanted to paint murals with dolls like she saw in her neigborhood. She says, “I create all of the things I would like my favorite artist to create.” She creates objects she needs and uses daily (lanyards, backpacks, air fresheners) but doesn’t want to buy, “random sh*t,” so she makes her own embellished with her dolls and then her collectors get to own them as well!

These dolls have big personality, and they look so so nice. Nice list for sure!

Cheeky Aaron works on Cheeky Content and Virtual Cocktail Classes. When you book a class with us, Aaron will be at the other end of the call showing you how to shake and stir like the pro’s.

Aaron’s first recommendation is Nixie’s Coffee. Nixie, of Nixie’s coffee, visited her grandmother’s farm in the Dominican Republic in her youth, where she learned how to grow and produce coffee. Her partner, Rafael, grew up in a “large loving family that cherished coffee as the beverage of choice for family gatherings.”

The two produced a wonderful coffee, started a business, closed the business and got married. In 2018, the business found its way back and Nixie’s Coffee was brewed.

We love a small-business redemption story and nothing says Nice list like a nice cup of coffee!

Cheeky Cocktails

Naughty List

Keith can teach you anything from crafting interesting, seasonal cocktails to crocheting a coaster for said cocktail so his next recommendation is no surprise.

Gather Here is a brick and mortar craft haven in Cambridge, MA. This place is part yarn and fabric shop / part studio, with a very full monthly calendar of craft courses for beginners through advanced makers in everything from embroidery and quilt making to knitting and kids sewing workshops. 

With COVID, a number of their courses now have a remote participation option so you don’t need to be in the Boston area. They’re a great resource for high end fiber supplies for your maker friends, and, of course, they have buy-online and shipped options. 

Keith said, “this shop can go either way, Naughty or Nice because if I spent $28 on a single hank of merino yarn I’d definitely consider myself naughty.” 

Cheeky Cocktails
Cheeky Cocktails

Jackie is a marketing guru who works with Cheeky to help make the most of our online presence. Jackie believes all marketing strategies should have a “people first” approach, so you know you can trust her gifting advice!

Jackie recommends the Seattle Candle Company's beautiful, long-lasting, hand-poured candles. She and her roommate found them on a trip to Seattle’s Pike Place Market and fell in love! 

Jackie says, “they’re always coming out with new, unique scents. Oakmoss and Sage is my favorite, but their seasonal candles make a great holiday gift.”

They’re available online and ship all over the United States. We have to put these candles on the Naughty list because while writing this list, we couldn’t help but order a few candles for ourselves. Oops!

Aaron is also the Head Bartender at Top of the Standard where he met the incredible DJ/Fashion Designer extraordinaire, Kristine Barilli. Kristine is a co-creator behind OMIN, a clothing line and apothecary, “inspired by the dark mysticism of the 1920s, ancient mythology, and vintage costume and couture.” The line is something you have to see to believe and their Burnin’ for You candle is stunning.

Their deep, intense style puts them on the Naughty list, for sure!

Cheeky Cocktails
Cheeky Cocktails

G also recommended Hour X Hour Bath House was made as a physical ode to invisible and mental illness. A small attempt to honor those who courageously fight to get through the day. Taking it hour by hour.

They make handcrafted scrubs, butters, soaking salts and more to make the ritual of bathing the most soothing relief it can be. And we’re all in for a nice ritual. Nice list, all the way!

This year, whether Naughty or Nice, get your loved ones a thoughtful gift from a small business. There’s something for everyone, and a cocktail to go with it!

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