Mint Syrup Launch: Recipe Edition

Introducing our first limited edition Mint Syrup with an ode to some of our favorite minty drinks

Mint Syrup

If you’ve ever enjoyed a cold Mojito on a hot summer’s day then it’s possible you, like so many, have also fallen in love with this classic fizzy delight. The mojito is certainly the most famous cocktail containing mint, but it isn’t the only drink that owes its magical qualities to the fresh little herb. We’d like to show you a few more ways to use mint in your drinks at home. If you don’t feel like fishing through mint leaves while you drink (it’s a thing) then you can easily leave out the mint leaves in any version of the following recipes. As we’ve infused the mint for you in our Mint Syrup. No need to pluck leaves, unless it just brings you joy! 

The Mojito

The Mojito

The Godfather of all Mint Cocktails…. Origin: Havana, Cuba! 

To make this cocktail, add all of your ingredients directly into your cocktail glass:

1 oz. Cheeky Mint Syrup

1 oz Cheeky Lime Juice

2 oz White Rum

Add ice, top with seltzer water and lightly stir. Garnish with a mint bouquet or a lime wedge.

Optional: Pick a few leaves off the bottom of your mint garnish, and let the leaves float around in your cocktail for a lovely visual effect. 

Non-Alcoholic option: same exact recipe, just leave out the rum or substitute your favorite non-alcoholic spirit! A crisp and dry, non-alcoholic cocktail to quench your thirst and brighten your day! 

If you are looking to spice things up with some sparkling wine, we suggest making an Old Cuban. Invented by bartender Audrey Saunders in 2001, while she was bartending at a popular NYC bar called Tonic, and later made famous when she opened her own establishment, Pegu Club in 2004.

Old Cuban

This simple riff is really next level! Here’s how to make Saunders’ new modern classic, The Old Cuban, using Cheeky ingredients. 

To make this cocktail, add the following ingredients to a shaker tin:

1 oz Cheeky Mint Syrup

1 oz Cheeky Lime Juice

2 oz of aged Rum


Close your shaker, and SHAKE until COLD. Strain your cocktail into a chilled martini or coup glass. Top with Sparkling Wine or Champagne Garnish with a single mint sprig. Optional: Lime wheel for extra fancy!  

Cheeky Tip: Do NOT shake the sparkling ingredients. Save your shirt, and add the bubbly parts LAST. 

Or if you are feeling extra Cheeky, leave out the shaker. Pour all your ingredients into a glass with ice and enjoy Spritz-Style! It will look like a Mojito, but carry a little caramel color from the dark rum and have a higher Alcohol-By-Volume (ABV) Level.

Old Cuban

Credit: New York Times

And last, but certainly not least, we bring you the beloved Mint Julep. Immortalized in music and art since as early as 1770 in pieces such as the play, The Candidate, by Robert Munford, and the song “One Mint Julep” (1960) by The Clovers. The term, “Julep”, comes from an English concoction containing camphor (a menthol-like substance), used as a medicinal tonic. It was first made popular when an American Senator brought the drink to Washington D.C. in 1850 and introduced it to the Round Robin Bar at the renowned Willard Hotel.

Mint Julep     

Mint Julep

Today, the Mint Julep is most famous for its origins in the American South and for being the official drink of the Kentucky Derby, to be held this September in Louisville

To make a classic Mint Julep using Cheeky Ingredients simply… add the following ingredients to your cocktail glass:

4-5 loose mint leaves, Gently Muddled. 

1 oz Cheeky Mint Syrup

1 oz Cheeky Lime Juice

2 oz Kentucky Bourbon 

Lots of Crushed Ice

Garnish with a Mint Bouquet. Use a sustainable straw to stir your drink. As the ice melts, sip lightly at the minty, sweet bourbon medley. Enjoy when it’s hot, hot, hot outside! 

And like we said, when you use Cheeky Mint Syrup, plucking mint leaves is entirely optional! We’ve done it for you and infused that pure, crisp mint flavor into Cheeky Mint Syrup! And, as always, we use the fewest all-natural ingredients possible. Our Mint Syrup is made with fresh mint leaves, cane sugar, and water. 

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