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For so many of us, these last few weeks are best described by the phrase, “THIS WAS NOT THE PLAN.”

COVID19 has impacted us all the world over, and for us at Cheeky, that meant rethinking everything about our business, and flipping it entirely over the past week and a half.

We have been operating as another company, Swig + Swallow, for the past 4+ years, and were set to relaunch as our new brand, Cheeky, this month. After seeing the impacts COVID has been having on our bar and restaurant community, we changed our launch plan and business model from a membership model for mix & match syrups and juices for events, to what we proudly launched today: an affiliate program for bartenders affected by Coronavirus, where bartenders can generate income from the safety of their own homes.

For the sake of expediency, I’ll leave the details in our press release below, but make no mistake, it’s been a scramble pulling together new bottle sizes, a temporary brand identity while we wait for our final identity, a new website, affiliate software, on-boarding materials, and so on. The bottom line is, we are all in this together, and if there’s any little thing we can do - safely- to help our hospitality friends and family, the time is now.

Here’s to getting through this together.


April Wachtel, Founder, Cheeky



(BROOKLYN, NY, APRIL 7, 2020) Cheeky — a Brooklyn-based cocktail syrups and juice company run by beverage industry veteran April Wachtel — launched an affiliate program today to engage bartenders whose livelihood has been impacted by the Coronavirus. Cheeky produces syrups and juices like those found in cocktail bars around the world: Simple Syrup // Agave Syrup // Honey Syrup // Ginger Syrup // Lemon juice // Lime juice. Cheeky syrups and juices can be “batched” together at a 2:1:1 ratio (Spirits: Citrus: Syrup) for balanced, foolproof cocktails, or used in smaller quantities to replicate classic cocktail recipes, or create custom recipes. These products are now available direct-to-consumer from their online store and available for shipping across the US.

As we know, the Coronavirus has wreaked havoc on the US service sector, and millions have been furloughed or lost jobs. Many restaurant workers have to choose between their safety, and attempting to earn a paycheck. Cheeky’s new Bartender Affiliate Program is an opportunity for bartenders and mixologists to build their audiences and generate income from the safety of their homes. Affiliates will produce unique content for their social media platforms using the Cheeky product line to demonstrate to their audiences how to include the products in their home cocktail-making routine. Affiliates receive their own unique link to share with their audience and receive a 20% ‘tip’ from all sales generated. Affiliates are able to track their sales and payments from the Cheeky portal.

Cheeky Bottleshots


To be eligible to join the affiliate program, you must:

• Live in the United States
• Be legally able to work within the US
• Be able to receive payments through Paypal or Venmo

Initial signup takes less than a minute, and may be done via this link

After signup, Cheeky staff will review your application and let you know within 24 hours if you are approved

Cheeky reserves the right to refuse admission to the program/deactivate affiliates for any reason, including but not restricted to- violations of our code of conduct, hate speech, disparaging remarks about Cheeky or its partners, etc.

In the event of outsized demand, Cheeky may require additional time to process and approve affiliates, in which case applications will be approved on a first come, first served basis

Cheeky Featured and Benefits

* Product selection subject to change

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