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Founded by bartenders and used behind bars at four-star hotels, stadiums, and resorts,
Cheeky is a line of ingredients for professional bartenders, enthusiasts, and casual drinkers alike.
We source the highest quality raw materials and make our syrups and juices to the specifications used in craft cocktail bars. We never use "natural" or artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

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In this new space of virtual events Cheeky Cocktails provided us a way to add some fun into our event! We saw an increase percent of attendees log onto the event and they loved the quality of mixers which were enjoyed as both cocktails and mocktails. Cheeky offered exceptional customer service to us in making a swift and speedy order. Highly recommeneded!

Alzheimer's Association

If you want top-notch cocktails at home and actually enjoy doing a little bit of the work, look no further than Cheeky Cocktails.


Amazing quality, quick shipments, and great communication on our bulk corporate order. Thank you!!


Our event was a huge success. Everyone mentioned how easy & fun it was to make the cocktails on our own-delicious! One of our coworkers is pregnant and enjoyed that she could easily make them a virgin cocktail as well. They were delivered so promptly, and the team was so responsive!

City Harvest