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how it works

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  • Eligibility: To join Cheeky's Sampling Program, you must be a recent Cheeky customer and subscribe to our communications.
  • Application Review: We'll assess applicants based on social media activity, review history, Cheeky purchases, and subscription status.
  • Honest Reviews: Share your genuine opinions and experiences when reviewing Cheeky products. Constructive feedback is appreciated.
  • Disclosure: When posting reviews, mention you received free samples from our Sampling Program
  • Timely Reviews: Post your reviews within 30 days of receiving samples.
  • Quality Content: Include high-quality photos and detailed descriptions in your reviews.
  • Respectful Behavior: Interact respectfully on our platform. Foul language results in disqualification.
  • Feedback: Share issues or suggestions with the Cheeky Sampling Team.
  • Discount Code: If you get a 25% discount code, use it on select Cheeky products during checkout. It expires, so redeem it promptly.
  • Privacy: Your info remains confidential for program administration.